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U Shape conference room set up

Very popular set up for groups where close interaction will occur. Gives participants the sense they are all equal in status at the meeting. Good visual access to front for visual presentations. A variation is the double U (a U within a U). This variation can increase seating by up to 40%.


Boardroom Style conference set up

Ideal for small groups where close interaction and a lot of discussion are expected. Participants can see and hear each other easily and sharing one table creates unity of the group. Some participants will need to move when visual presentation is made. Most effective with groups of less than 18.


Banquet Style conference set up

Round tables seating 6 to 10 people are good for small group discussions and projects. Allows maximum participation within groups. Allows breakout and small group work without participants leaving the room or re-arranging furniture. Ideal for groups of 50 to 100.


Cabaret Style conference set up

A variation of the Clusters configuration. Round tables seating 4 to 8 people with the chairs arranged in a horseshoe effect around each table. Ideal for small group discussions and projects while still allowing everyone to focus on the speaker at the front of the room and any audiovisual presentations. Ideal for groups of 50 to 100.


Classroom Style conference set up

This traditional layout does allow many people to fit comfortably in a room. It is a well-used setup and is effective for one way communication. The classroom style setup provides a work surface for note taking and for reference materials. Best for large groups

Theatre Style

Theatre Style conference set up

Just like going to the theatre, ideal for large numbers. One way communication occurs in this setup and is ideal for audiovisual presentations and lecture style programs.